Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why is Scrum more popular than XP?

I was wondering today why Scrum is more popular than XP. Is it because it's more relaxed/lighter/easier to implement? (You can start doing Scrum without knowing TDD!) But everybody says Scrum without many of the XP practices doesn't work, right? This doesn't seem right. What does Scrum have that XP doesn't?

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  1. Great question Federico. Scrum is more lightweight for sure than XP. XP enforces software engineering practices as well as the project management aspects. For most teams that aren't even close to Agile, don't test, etc., implementing Scrum can be a huge paradigm shift. Adding TDD, pair programming, and other engineering practices could completely derail a team new to all of these. Scrum gets them going down the road, and provides a solid foundation on which to add XP practices.