Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Collect the data, analyze it, categorize it, act on the data

I just read in 3 different and not connected places, the steps that you should follow when dealing with information

1. In Jurgen's blog (http://www.noop.nl/2010/07/how-to-make-a-presentation-part-1.html), there is a post on how to create a presentation:
Step 1: collect topics
Step 2: create structure
Step 3: make story
Step 4: Define slides

2. In Dan Roam's book, when he describes the steps to work with a lot of information:
  1. Collect everything you can
  2. Lay it out where you can see it
  3. Establish fundamental coordinates
  4. Practice Visual Triage
3. In Ester Derby's and Diana Larsen's Retrospectives book
  1. Set the stage
  2. Gather Data
  3. Generate Insights
  4. Decide what to do
  5. Close the Retrospective

Isn't it amazing?