Sunday, September 16, 2012

Agile Maturity Model Categories & Areas

A time ago I did a post about the Agile Architecture which contains what I think are the most important 'components' (architecturally speaking) of Agile:

I believe this is a good start to define the areas that will make up this maturity model.


In the process category, I will group all areas related to the process development lifecycle. I am tempted to call this category the methodology one, but the methodology encompasses much more elements than just the process ones. The methodology is everything you do in your organization to develop software (with this definition, methodology and culture are almost the same thing?). Some of the areas in this category include

- Requirements Management
- Process Development Lifecycle Management
- Project Planning
- Project Monitoring (or execution)


- Self-Organization and Self-Discipline (I moved this to the human category in the original diagram)
- Communication
- Colllaboration
- Develop Competence
- Creating an Agile Culture?


- Technical Excellence
- Iterative Architecture and Emergent Design
- Verification & Validation

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