Thursday, October 11, 2012

Agile Collaboration Area


The Agile Manifesto says "Business people and developers must work together daily through the project". Everyone, within the organization and beyond it (i.e. clients) must work jointly towards a shared objective, help each other, have good intentions, share all the information and ultimately to do what's best for the everyone involved.


- Collaboration between the organization and its clients is enabled financially. Contracts should enforce collaboration.
- Collaboration among team members in a project and among different departments of the organization should be enforced. 
- All stakeholders should be involved throughout the duration of a project.

Standard Practices

Clients work with team members to specify the requirements and prioritize them in a backlog that will be used continually during the project. Features are presented to these clients early in the life of the project to be able to receive feedback and change according to it. This change should be enabled in the contract (if the contract penalizes delays, the team won't be willing to accept any changes during the life of the project). Everyone in the team should share the same objectives. Therefore, policies and rewards should be devised with this in mind.

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