Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can't image Agile 10 years ago

A few days ago, I was taking an interview to a person that never ever had hear about Agile. All of his life he worked with waterfallish methodologies. So after he explained the way he used to work, we explained him the way we were working. We told him that he had 3 weeks iterations, during which we wrote the tests cases, implemented the user stories and tested them. He looked with an incredulous face and ask: "but do you actually implement that functionality or just think about it?". Wow!!! Right away, I started thinking about those first pioneers and the reactions they must have faced 10 years ago. They must have think they were out of their minds, totally crazy. If I think about it, I would have think the same. Imagine yourseld doing 6 to 12 months projects and all of a sudden someone comes and say we need to this in 3 weeks cycles.. Knowing my limitations, I am sure I wouldn't have understand him....

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