Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't blame integration tests!!!

A week ago I was looking at the presentation Integration Tests are a Scam.

First thing that came to my mind: Is he cynical with the title? (How can we blame integration tests?) The problem is using integration tests for things that should be tested at the unit level. In other words, the problem is not using integration tests for what they should be used: Just to verify that the integration between the different components is not generating any problem (well.... he is not talking about functional tests, right? Functional tests are integration tests, but everybody recommends having them as way to check that the business features are constructed the way they are supposed to be. )

Second thing: Why is it so hard to define a strategy that makes heavy use of unit tests? (e.g. as suggested by Cohn's pyramid). Is it because TDD is very difficult to learn? Is it because QA departments define the strategy (and they are more into the functional aspects/tests). Is it because of the managers?

Who can we blame for this scam? I think that we all as a community need to take responsibility. We need to understand better the benefits of unit testing, we need to be trained and we need to DO THEM!


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